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One food, I utterly enjoy to the highest level of satisfaction are SOFT boiled eggs – I like my yolks runny, along side a few paper-thin slices of the velvety, melt in your mouth salt-cured pork, better known as prosciutto di Parma.  This is what I consider eating at its finest!  It doesn’t take much to keep my tummy and I happy –Lolo never seems to mind either.

For this dish, I always get the freshest eggs possible – salmonella poisoning is not good.  I usually pick up eggs on my Sunday trip to the farmers market.  These eggs are smaller and more flavorful than the jumbo ones at the supermarket.  They are laid by black Silkie chickens.  Ah, they are the cutest little birds ever.  They make ideal pets because of their temperament.  I wish we had a bigger backyard.  How great to have a pet and in return get fresh laid eggs – everyday! 

Although I serve this course as a starter, by all means, this can hold its own weight as a wonderful Sunday breakfast or brunch.  I would just add a bit more prosciutto, another egg, and fresh fruit.

I start by cutting the top off the egg with my nifty little egg cutter.  For the first bite, a touch of flaky Maldon sea salt is lightly crumbled atop the egg, as I then quickly plunge in my spoon.  Then for my second bite, I tuck a small piece of prosciutto into the exposed pool of yolk and scoop out a bit of everything with a piece of toasted baguette – pure decadence.  I have memories of hating yolk when I was young, not really sure how and when things changed.  Before I know it – it’s all gone!  Normally, I’m a very slow eater (I’m sure most people can attest to this statement).  This is one of the only foods that I gobble down faster than Lolo.  There’s no sharing here – well… unless I absolutely have to.

1/8 oz prosciutto di Parma, sliced paper-thin
2 fresh brown eggs
1 baguette, thinly sliced and toasted
Maldon sea salt

2 egg cups
2 egg spoons
Egg cutter

In a small saucepan, fill with cold water and add teaspoon salt.  Gently set eggs in water, cover with lid.  Be sure to completely submerge egg in water.  Heat pan at  medium-high until water comes to a boil.  Remove pan from heat with lid on; leave in water for 3 minutes, not any longer than.  The white should be firm and yolk runny.

Plate prosciutto.

Thinly slice baguette on a slight diagonal, and toast.

And there you have it, hope you enjoy it!

Serves 2

Bon appetit!