Today we decided to take a little bit of a lunch break outside the house and go grab some Chinese food.  This meant jumping in the car, driving from our village down the mountain and towards the sea; walking the loop around the ritzy harbor of Portals Nous; and claiming a table at Victory Chinese – a red lanterned restaurant with expansive outdoor seating nestled in amongst a slurry of Italian restaurants.  Our waiter spoke English, Spanish, German and Chinese.  In my best Chinese, I ordered our dishes – to which he responded in Chinese – to which somehow I responded back in confused Spanish.  We finally settled on all future transactions in English.

After a longer wait than characteristic of a Chinese restaurant, our food arrived – scrumptiously fluffy steamed buns with pork, decent shu mai, and some crispy peking duck with all the proper garnishings to boot.  The Chinese food was good.  A far cry from California’s offerings (lucky duck, Sandra!) but as close to authentic as one could probably hope for on a small Spanish island.  However, for an after lunch coffee – we abandoned China and delved back into Spain.

Sliding into a table at Cappucino Cafe, just a short stroll from where we were, my husband ordered a cortado – an espresso with just a dollop of milk.  I was a bit greedier and got a creamy, full sized cafe con leche.  Cappucino always manages the prettiest looking swirlies in its coffee drinks.  The two cups sitting next to each other evoked an additional cutesy sigh.