What is green and striped on the outside, and yellow on the inside… a watermelon!

During summer, I had my share of peaches and loads of berries, but couldn’t find a decent watermelon, until today.

As I walked past a stall filled with fresh produce and veggies, the farmer motioned me over with his razor sharp knife to try a slice of his canary yellow melon – I reached out for a piece. As I took a bite, I was expecting a piece of flavorless flesh, but to my surprise I was so wrong. Without thinking twice, I instinctively tucked my foot in as the droplets of summer goodness hit the ground with a splatter – mmmmm… it was crisp… juicy… with a honey-like sweetness. It was the best darn watermelon I had eaten all year, and in the middle of October (I love California) for that matter! Without hesitation I was sold.  I gestured to him with a nod and reached into my pocket for some cash. Happily, I walked away with my 9 lb bundle of joy!