After leaving Provence, we went to Toulouse to catch our return flight.  Proximity of the airport to the city center, however, provided time for some last minute indulgent shopping.  Immediately we were drawn into a gourmet cook and kitchenware shop where my husband slyly slipped two items – made in France Opinel No. 112 paring knives – into the pile of wares we took to the front register.

Being the more conservative one-knife-for-all type (hooray for the cleaver), I was a bit skeptical of adding yet another knife to the collection.  Finally using the Opinel knife, however, I found myself reaching for it more often than not.  It’s convenient.  The 4″ sharp stainless steel blade works like a champ for paring and peeling, as well as easy trimming.  The sturdy wooden handle gives the knife a nice, clean yet rustic aesthetic – and doesn’t wear or fade with washing.  The knives were priced at just under a very affordable 9 euros in France.

As an added note, a few days ago Saveur featured the Opinel Table Knives Set as it’s One Good Find.  So darn cute, if a set of knives could be described as such.  It’s on the list for the next trip to France….