Sandra and I first met back in 2007, through a gathering of mutual friends for Fourth of July weekend.  The following year, the same group, plus and minus a few, decided on a trip to Napa Valley – three couples; four days of wineries; and three evenings of cooking, grilling and imbibing.  At the time, I was residing in the SF Bay Area, while Sandra kept her roots in LA.  We soon realized, however, that with each forthcoming get together, whether it be NoCal or SoCal, the two of us seemed to always lean towards a food-centric trip: conversations meandered towards recipes and best cooking practices, preferred shopping venues were farmer and outdoor markets, and detailed home cooked meals were always required.  Of course, our men didn’t mind.

This past month, we reunited our same gang for an international trip to Provence.  It was an easy and obvious choice – especially with Sandra’s boyfriend being French and that I had relocated to Spain.  One balmy Provence evening, after too much food and too much wine, we kicked around the idea of starting a blog to not only keep record, but to stay in touch with each other, and to share the trip’s highlights with friends and family.

So, here we begin….